Decametric "Amateur" Radio Astronomy

Michael Dahlem's website about his simple 20MHz interferometer
Astronomical Society of South Australia Radio Astronomy Group Including 20MHz interferometer as well as other interesting projects.
"Jupiter Radio" Hannes Mayer's got a great site with free software and good articles.
CFARO Jason Shinn's observatory, lots of charts and audio samples.
NASA RadioJove Project The home page, with manuals and software and educational material and heaps more.
NICEro Ruggero Ulivastro's Amateur Decametric RadioAstronomy Observatory in France.
RadioSky Publishing the most popular amateur RA software, with free versions available.
Spitit of Jupiter Gary's website.

Other Amateur Radio Interferometers

Marko Cebokli's SImple Digital Interferometer (SIDI).
Hans Michlmayr's 48MHz and 1400MHz interferometers and other interesting observations.
Robert Hart's 74MHz interferometer project.

Suitable Hardware

NASA Radio JOVE Project Home Page
Ten-Tec Amateur Products home page
GURU receiver for Jupiter Schematics for RadioJove clone.

Realtime solar data

IPS - Solar
Today's Space Weather
Solar Terrestrial Dispatch
Current Solar Maps


SPIDR THE source for historical geophysical data.
GNU Radio project Linux software for software radio