This page will carry the latest and greatest in a somewhat "Bloggs" format.

2nd August 2006

Wow has it really been that long? For the last few months Chris and I have been busy putting together our weather station network. But tonight I finally got around to updating the SAC Software page so that interested users can download and experiment with the software. Please send me some feedback as we are a pretty small community!

14th September 2005

I have made some fairly substantial changes to the website over the past few weeks. I guess I'm really trying to change the website so that we focus mostly on our radio interferometry project rather than the enormous scope of radio astronomy in general. I hope Steve forgives me :-)

I've still got a lot of info to fill out that we never got around to fleshing out before, so the site will continue to go through more reform throughout the coming weeks.

26th August 2005

Steve couldn't continue to host the web-site so I (Dave) am now serving it from a PC from home. I've just made a few updates to the site and hope to continue the effort of cataloging our project, Steve invested a lot of effort in to get this site up and running - thanks mate!

Things have been ticking along nicely. Simple is still up and running in great form. Michael's SIMPLETON has had problems with the LO amplifier being unstable and we've been investing a fair amount of effort into trying to sort it out. I've just ordered some J310 JFET amplifiers which should be a lot more stable than the MAR-8's we're currently using. Brett's simple at Parkes has captured some exceptional data but it is still struggling with instabilities in the pre-amplifiers at the antennas.. the moral is that amplifiers are awful things.

21 February 2005

There's been quite a few developments since the last update (not suprising given it was 6 months ago!)

The Parkes rig is fully operational - congrats to Brett and the crew. Dave's YASI rig has been relocated and renamed as Michael's "Simpleton". The original Simple has been relocated and now features a juicy 120m baseline. Michal, our Czech rep, has got his correlator ready for a rig.

Dave has released version 1.0 of the sac software suite. Some nice tools in there now for slicing and dicing. Thanks Dave :)

Thanks also to the team at Parkes, now a few of the rigs feature a crystal locked oscilator. While this means a loss of frequency range options to avoid RFI, the receivers are much more stable.

The Narrabri contingent have also been clocking some nice bursts from Jupiter. Combined with the ability to have all our rigs locked into a common frequency (thanks to the crystal oscilators), it won't be long before we start following Bruce Slee's Jupiter/solar work. Stay tuned (boom boom).

9 August 2004

The local star has been rather noisey for it's normal quiet period during solar minimum. Simple, YASI and SEMI have been clocking some good bursts. Having Dusty's SEMI rig in the Northern Hemisphere has added an extra dimension to the obs.

Speaking of SEMI, Dusty has also added an additional baseline to his rig. If we ever get some complex visibility software, we'll sure have some fun! Dave's also been pacing out some extra baselines and logging some quaderature data too.

The membership list of the egroup has slowly been growing. At last count we had 16 members. This web site has also taken over 1100 hits in 238 days :)

31 May 2004

We went "public" late last week. Thanks to Dave who registered us as the domain "". We've had a warm response from the astro community. Thanks to all those that responded to our announcement.

So on that note, after much background processing on a decent name for this site and our group... we've decided to call ourselves Fringe Dwellers.

The name is incredibly witty. The term normally refers to people that linger on the edge of society - not quite fitting in. The waveform that results from correlation of interferometer signals is also refered to as a fringe.

26 May 2004

Well it looks like the MS Windows solution is a go'er! Many thanks to the patients of Dusty who was our lab rat for this one. Hopefully we'll now be able to distribute a Windows "package" that should make getting started reasonably straight forward.

It turns out that the Linux emulator, Cygwin, did the trick! Thanks to RedHat for keeping Cygwin as freeware and Gerd in Germany who wrote the record sound update.

27 Apr 2004

Congrats to Dave who got "first light" from YASI on the 25th! A nice setup incl amps on the dipoles and some other fancy pieces of kit. Check out the Net link for some pictures and a link to Dave's site.

We've also been working on an MS Windows solution. A "Linux emulator" called Cygwin seems to give us what we need. Although the public release doesn't support sound recording, a beta version does and it seems to work OK. We'll let you know when it's fit for general consumption.

29 Mar 2004

Dave's been busy thrashing out some juicy details on calibration and radio mods. The site's finally starting to fill out.

We've also setup a email list. You can check out the spine tingling exchanges at [<slash>group<slash>simpleradio]

8 Mar 2004

Dave's made some great progress on developing complex fringes. (These are a prerequesite for us to create some images of the cosmic noise.)

eased to the big bad world, it seems to be quietly clocking a few hits :) We hope to make this site a handy reference for amateur RA'ers. If there's something you need but don't find here, or something you use often and we haven't got it, drop us a line.