Major web articles and press releases

  • "NASA's Telescope for Students Reveals Record Solar Explosion Even More Powerful", 14th October 2005. A NASA web story by Bill Steigerwald. Describing how we used a RadioJove kit to quantify the large solar flare of November 2003.

  • "Cheap Aussie telescope captures world's biggest solar flare", September 29 2005. A Press Release by the CSIRO by Kylie Johnson and Helen Sim. Press release about our big solar flare work. Includes sound bites from a phone interview I did with Kylie.

  • "Big Science on a Shoestring", 19th September 2005. Article in the Swinburne Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing Astronomy News by Emil Lenc. Describing our work on the big flare

  • "Astronomers return to basics to measure the largest x-ray flare ever seen from the Sun", 14th September 2005. A Swinburne University Press Release by Heather Crosling.

  • "Small 'scope catches a big bang", June 2005. An article by David Brodrick in the ATNF Newsletter. Here I give a brief intro to our work on the big flare.

  • "Narrabri simple 20-MHz interferometer", October 2002. ATNF Newsletter article by David Brodrick. I give a short introduction to what the Simple idea is all about.

    Print media coverage (incomplete)

  • Northern Daily Leader, October 5 2005. "NASA beaten at its own game by Narrabri man". About our recording of the November 2003 solar flare.

  • Need to find details about Peter Trute's Herald Sun article.

  • Need details on Peter Trute's article in the Adelaide paper.

  • The Daily Telegraph, September 30 2005. "Aussie Scoop" by Peter Trute. About our work on the big solar flare of November 2003. The Editorial (bottom of the linked page) also picked up on the story.. I might have this engraved into my tomb stone, LOL!

  • Herald Sun, September 16 2005. "Sun flares threaten oil, power" by Kate Rose. About the period of high solar activity in September 2005.

  • The Courier, August 25 2005. "A simple solution to biggest solar flare" by JJ Robinson. Describing our observations of the solar flare of November 2003.

  • The Courier, April 1 2004?. "Small 'scope catches a big bang" by Lester Hanson. Lester saw the New Zealander's press release about their estimate of the big solar flare. He mentions that Simple also recorded it, although we had not come up with an estimate of our own at this stage.

    Radio/TV coverage

  • ABC. April 2006. We filmed a segment all about "Simple", however it will only appear on the Asian satellite ABC feed. But stay tuned, I might be able to post a snippet here once it had gone to air!

  • TEN TV Network. October 2005. We weren't interviewed, but several people have told me our solar flare work made the news!

  • 2SE, live across 20 radio stations in NSW and QLD. October 2005. David Brodrick. I had a nice long live-to-air chat with Graham Gilbert about our solar flare work and solar flares in general. Included a listener talk-back section!

  • ABC Sydney, October 2005. David Brodrick. I did a live-to-air interview with Jen Flemming, discussing our work on the big solar flare and the important role of serendipity has played in science.

  • 2DU, September 2005. Steven Tingay and David Brodrick. Steve and I talked about our observations of the large flare of November 2003 and about solar flares in general.

  • ABC Tropical North, July 2002. Tim Kennedy and David Brodrick. Tim and I did a radio interview at Hamilton Island describing this bizarre contraption we had set up on the beach. We're told this was later aired on other ABC regional stations.

    Presentations about Simple

  • Planned. New Techniques and Results in Low Frequency Radio Astronomy conference. University of Tasmania. December 6-10 2005. David Brodrick. Supported by CSIRO and Swinburne University. I am looking forward to making a presentation at this conference of professional radio astronomers, describing our analysis of the large X-ray flare of November 4 2003 and associated work.

  • CWAS Astrofest 2005. Parkes radio telescope site. 17 July 2005. David Brodrick and Brett Dawson. Brett and I gave a joint talk "Radio astronomy: putting in Back in the Backyard" where I talked about Simple and Brett described his small dish. We chose this theme because Grote Reber's ashes were handed over to the observatory after our talk. About 40 people, mostly amateur optical astronomers, were present.

  • CWAS Astrofest 2004. Parkes radio telescope site. July 2004. Tim Kennedy and David Brodrick. Tim and I gave a joint presentation describing the Simple Interferometer idea and outlining some of our best observations. About 50 people were present.

  • Ballarat Astronomical Society. November 2004. Craig West. Craig gave a talk about radio astronomy, leading into the Simple approach to radio interferometry. The Ballarat Amature Radio Group were over as special guests.

  • Pushing the Limits. Macquarie University. 13th July 2003. Tim Kennedy and David Brodrick. Partially supported by CSIRO. Tim and I gave a talk about the Simple Interferometer to about 150 people.

  • Coonabarabran Astronomical Society. Imperial Hotel, Coonabarabran. February 19 2003. David Brodrick. I gave an overview about Simple to about 10 people at a meeting at the pub.

  • Fulbright Symposium. On the beach, Hamilton Island. July 7-12 2002. Tim Kennedy and David Brodrick. Sponsored by CSIRO. Tim and I packed Simple into our cars and set it up on the beach at Hamilton Island with the help of locals Ray, Libby and Bruce. We gave a talk aptly called "Suitcase Interferometry" to a group of Australian and American science teachers along with some professional scientists attending the joint BioAstronomy 2002 conference. About 100 people were present. There's a few more photos here, here, here and here.

    David Brodrick describing the Simple Interferometer, at Hamilton Island.